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Welcome to the Bulletin board!  Check here regularly for internships, job opportunities, roommate requests and more! If you would like to submit something to be posted on the bulletin board, please contact Taylor.

Schmid & Rhodes is looking for several folks to fill three different roles within S&R Construction. We are looking for a qualified Project Manager, a Superintendent and a labor/apprentice type guy. We are looking for guys that fulfill three leading objectives: Hungry, Humble, and Smart. Hungry: looking to learn, grow in a career, interact with team members, clients and subcontractors. Humble: ready to learn, ready to serve clients and subcontractors in any way possible to achieve successful projects. Smart: relatively computer savvy, able to communicate with clients and subcontractors, ability to manage schedules, budgets and execution of projects. Schmid & Rhodes has several projects coming up and looking to grab the right folks. 

Harrison Slatery | Superintendent
6714 Albunda Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919
Phone: 865-584-9956
Cell: 865-414-7967



Click here to learn more about The Asheville Fellows Program. This is a ten-month leadership development and training program for 6-8 young men and women recently out of college or graduate school. 

Have a heart for international students? Want to be more involved?

There are incredible opportunities on UT’s campus to volunteer through RUF International and Bridges International.  Contact Taylor Carlisle for more information or if you have any questions taylorcarlisle@cspc.net  // (901) 604-9170

Thrive Lonsdale Internship Opportunity 

Thrive Lonsdale seeks to connect children with deep spiritual, emotional, academic and physical needs with caring adults who have been blessed with abundance in those areas. 

 We believe the only hope for the youth in Lonsdale is to break the generational patterns of sin by becoming new creations in Christ.

Unlike many after school/mentoring programs, Thrive Lonsdale is explicitly Christian. We recognize that their spiritual needs far outweigh their physical needs.

Contact Sarah Foster, Volunteer Coordinator, if you have any questions.

 Thrive Job Description           Thrive Job Application            Thrive Job Reference

Camp Ridgecrest // Camp Crestridge

These two camps are brother (Ridgecrest) and sister (Crestridge) camps.  Their mission statement is: "impacting lives for God's glory through discipleship and adventure."  The overview is this:  you will serve for roughly ten weeks and be in charge of a cabin of boys or girls with a co-counselor for two week sessions at a time.  I know many great young men and women who have served at one of these camps and many more people who have served as counselors elsewhere and it has been one of the most rewarding summers of their life.  Not only are you able to experience rich fellowhsip with other counselors, but you are also impacting kids' lives for the rest of their life.  Believe me, a kid does not forget their counselor...ever!  So the bottom line is if you want an incredible summer experience visit the websites below. 


Lake Forest Ranch

LFR is a summer camp opportunity located in the timberlands of Mississippi.  This camp gives students the opportunity to love on kids and grow in their faith for a summer filled with serving and fellowship.  Check out the lin belwo for a sweet video.


Terra Landscaping

Want a part-time or full time job this sememster and love to get your hands dirty?  Look no further than here.  Terra Landscaping is hiring and if you need a job, act NOW!  Click on the link below or contact Mitch Stewart at mstewar@gmail.com for more information.