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College Staff

College Ministries Staff

Steve "Moldy" Moldrup, Minister to College Ministry

stevemoldrup@cspc.net :: 865-309-5358

Steve is married to Renee and has 7 children. Five are biological and 2 are adopted from Haiti. He likes them all - a lot! He also likes music, movies, skiing, guitar, playing, good comedy, building things, dates with his wife and kids and lots of other stuff! Steve would enjoy meeting with your over a meal or coffee. Contact him anytime to meet with him!

Olivia Gross, College Intern

ogross@vols.utk.edu :: 615-335-0249 :: @thatgrossgirl

Olivia Gross is currently a senior studying political science at the University of Tennessee (GO VOLS!). In her spare time, you can find her outside running or inside reading some Donald Miller or Malcolm Gladwell. Netflixing, backpacking, and black coffee are a few other things that she strongly advocates for. She'd love to hang out sometime!