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pub-talks-tagline-jpgPubTalks are conversations about the intersection of faith and the public square. Click here or view our PubTalks website at www.cspubtalks.com for more information, plus a list of resources related to recent PubTalks discussions.

These conversations loosely follow the format of TED talks, offering a short presentation up front and then open time for conversation and Q&A. Come early to hang out, connect, nibble on some munchies and drink some coffee. Stay late to discuss the topic further.

Come join us as February 3rd, 7:30pm at the Regas Building Gathering Place, as we seek to understand & discuss the Biblical God's Multi-ethnic Heart, wondering about the implications of that reality for all who would consider themselves followers of Christ - throughout history and today. Lola Alapo and Doug Messer will help us explore how the Scripture's narrative highlights this reality, we'll then listen & converse about how it is and is not experienced in daily life by and through the Church and why that matters. 


 Artwork: "Washing Feet," by He Qi.

And if you would like to be part of our next "We Need To Talk," presentation and discussion, send us an email so we can make sure to let you know when and where it's happening.  

Robert Joe Robert Moldy

Robert Roebuck, Joe Bryant, and Robert Fair in discussion (with moderator Steve Moldrup) at our most recent Pubtalk.

For more information, additional resources, and video of previous PubTalks, go to: cspubtalks.com 

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Previous PubTalk topics have included:

Faith in the Public Square

Faith in the Workplace

Sexuality: It’s Not Just About Sex

The Philosophy of Organic Community

Race, Relationships, and Gaps in our Understanding

Muslim-Christian Relations


Social Media

Human Trafficking

Depression and Anxiety

Science and Christianity 

The False Idea of a Sacred - Secular Divide with Author Robert Benson