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Sunday School

All Sunday School classes meet from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m.

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If you're looking for a class of about 25-35 people, teenagers to seventies, who seriously study God's word and seek to serve each other, come and visit us. We're friendly, diverse, and enjoy loving God together. We have rotating teachers who use a variety of teaching styles. We hope to welcome you and serve you.
Contact: David Dean (deandj1@gmail.com, 403-2013)

Cornerstone welcomes you to our class! Jesus describes Himself as the Cornerstone that His church would be built upon, a unified body of believers. Cornerstone will seek to build a foundation through Jesus by having class members share real life experiences, studying topics that are current and relevant to today’s challenges, living in community, parenting, and specific focused studies of the Bible. All are welcome to attend this conversational and casual class. Come as you are! 
Contact: Michael Langenberg (mlangenberg@utrad.com, 803-2973)

COVENANT :: B237-239
The Covenant Class consists of around 125 people. Our members include women, men, marrieds and singles. We study God’s Word and typically work through books of the Bible. Over the last couple of years we have covered Ruth, James, Hebrews, first and second Timothy, among others. We enjoy fellowship through 4X4 groups which meet on a rotating basis, occasional parties, a spring picnic, and a Christmas time brunch. A traditional favorite of many of our members has been an annual fall breakfast at a pavilion in the Smoky mountains. Even when it has been particularly cold we enjoy a roaring fire, great breakfast and teaching from God’s Word.
Contacts: Bobby Sherwood (670-2010), Dale Keasling (694-5454)

DOULOS :: B226 
Our class feels strongly about the benefits of sharing together as Christ’s Body with its varied parts, so our ages range from grade school children to elderly adults, with a mix of single, married, divorced, and widowed members. Our format is to share and pray for each other first, then have an interactive lesson from the scriptures; we sit in concentric circles to facilitate discussion. We have 40-50 in attendance, have a high mission and international involvement, share a monthly lunch, and enjoy an annual retreat together.
Contacts: Arnie & Sarah Lumsdaine (alumsdaine@gmail.com); Raymond & Renee Tucker (tucker.raymond.jr@gmail.com)

EMMAUS :: B203
David Ackerson is the Convenor for the Emmaus class. He starts each class with prayer, announcements and encouraging thoughts. Prayer requests are collected and sent to the class via email. Generally, the teachers cover some aspect of the Bible in a short series which includes both lectures and discussions. On the 1st Sunday class meeting in January, we have a time of sharing how God worked in our lives in the past year. Our class actively supports and encourages missionaries that we have supported. We also meet in small groups during the week as well as in 4x4s (4 Couples/Pairs of singles that meet in homes or restaurants 4 or more times over several months), to promote relationships as well as a class retreat once a year with a program planned for fellowship and fun. We also enjoy a class brunch during the Christmas Season. Class members are very good in reaching out to encourage members who are facing challenges with health and other tough issues. We have approximately 80-90 in attendance each Sunday. 
Contacts: Gary Owens (owenstwo@knology.net or 693-2053 / 660-1240), David Ackerson (dfack1127@gmail.com or 539-1121)

Homebuilders is a class that seeks to provide a multi-generational environment for prayer, studying God’s word, fellowship, and sharing one another’s needs and burdens. All this is done in an atmosphere of thanksgiving and joy, and often with laughter. Each class begins with prayer time followed by in depth study around books of the Bible or spiritual topics. We care for, and support, one another through life’s challenges, and have celebrated God’s bountiful blessings and answers to prayer. We enjoy fellowship through seasonal social gatherings during the year. We are a welcoming family of “homebuilders” seeking to glorify and honor the triune God. 
Contact: Bill Hamel (whamel@utk.edu or 806-1073)

This class welcomes international and local friends in a spirit of Christian fellowship, with the understanding that many who visit for the first time have not heard the story of Jesus. Our focus is providing friendship in and out of the classroom and sharing the amazing story of Christ’s love through Bible lessons presented by members of the class.
Contacts: Mike Ballast (mballast@gmail.com or 201-0993); Lindon Thomas (lindoncthomas@gmail.com or 357-2002)

JOURNEYS :: W124 (Watershed - Ruby Falls Room)
Journeys is an ideal Sunday school class for married couples with children who are seeking community, fellowship and Biblical teaching as they navigate their individual walks with Christ as well as the various seasons of marriage and parenting. Please join us!
Contact: Ashley Baisley (670-1518 or ashley.baisley@gmail.com)

This class is a community that values genuine relationships and strives to encourage one another as we walk out our faith. The class is taught by CSPC pastors and class members with chairs arranged in a circle to promote discussion. We are also a mission oriented class with class members very involved with global missions and local ministries, supporting and corresponding regularly with several missionary families, providing support for local refugees in crisis and the entire class serves in various children’s ministries on the 3rd Sunday of every month in lieu of meeting together. We have a seasonal potluck fellowship hosted at Cedar Springs or members' homes. We are committed to doing life together through regularly praying for each other and we spend the last 15 minutes in small groups for personal prayer time.
Contact: Doug Wegman (dougwegman@gmail.com)

Committed to the idea that correct doctrine leads to correct practice, “Live and Learn” is a multi-generational class focused on studying books of the Bible and theological principles, seeking to equip its members with solid doctrinal knowledge rooted in the eternal Word of God.
Contact: Darren Nelson (dandsnelson@gmail.com)

New Creations is made up of a mix of couples and singles ranging in ages from mid-40s to 80s. Lessons are taught in a relaxed fashion where class questions and insights are encouraged by the teachers. Monthly fellowship and service opportunities help to generate a good sense of family among our members.
Contacts: Ed (384-8162) & Donna Guion (384-8161)

OPEN BOOK :: East Wing Conference Room 
Open Book enjoys studying the Bible a book at a time. Each week we read a chapter and then have group discussion. We have prayer requests at the beginning of each class. We also try to have a class social on a quarterly basis. We usually have about 15 in attendance on a given Sunday. Our class is made up mostly of couples, ages 40 to 60. We do not meet when Team Kids is canceled.
Contact: Judy Randazzo (judy.java@gmail.com)

Facilitated by five mentor couples, the Pursuit class focuses on biblical issues surrounding relationships and discipleship with an emphasis on individuals, couples, and young families in their 20s and 30s. Most class members have finished school and are in their first job/career. Most of our couples are “young married” and have started their family. Our teaching pursues Christ-centered and missions focused discipleship; is led by one of our five mentor couples, a class member, or a guest teacher; and is always scripture based with a lot of discussion. Periodically we have a panel discussion during which our mentor couples field questions from class members. We sponsor several small group Bible studies for men, women, and couples; support one missionary family; have organized socials; participate in ongoing service opportunities; and seek to care for and shepherd one another.
Contact: John Lyons (Jrlyonsii@knology.net or 806-8375)

We have a class size of about 30-35 and start each class with a time of coffee, tea, and snacks to give everyone a chance to say hello, catch up, and get acquainted with any visitors. Our convener then leads us in a time of worship, praise, and prayer. This usually begins with an opening scripture passage or quote and then singing together with piano accompaniment. We then share any prayer requests and pray for each of the needs mentioned. We study through books of the Bible, bringing in other scriptures to support and add to the main verses of focus for that day. Comments and questions are voluntary and always add a great deal as we learn together. Lastly, we keep up with class members as needed during the week, particularly if they are dealing with illness, medical procedures, or other needs of which we are aware.
Contact: Randy & Carol Overbey (overbrm@comcast.net or 539-2776)

Scripture - Prayer - Fellowship. These three words are the cornerstones for our class. All class lessons are scripture based, usually a study from a book of the Bible or a topic supported by scripture. We pray each week for each other, our church and beyond. We never exhaust our desire for fellowship together whether surrounding class time and occasionally at a more fun evening or event. Any and all are welcome.
Contacts: Chris & Sally Scott (chrisandsallyscott@gmail.com)

SPEAK OUT :: Conference Center 
We named our class “Speak Out” when we were formed as an encouragement to each of us to tell others what the Lord has done for us. Our studies are usually for a couple of months and we encourage discussion. We are strongly committed to being care givers to each other. We are made up mainly of couples and singles of retirement age but we welcome all ages to our class.
Contacts: George Dilworth (gdilw@tds.net, cell 250-5583; home 966-6002); Monty Montgomery (montydad@yahoo.com, cell 806-6870; home 693-8176)

THE WELL :: East Wing Rehearsal Hall 
This class which meets in the East Wing Rehearsal Hall (behind the sanctuary) is led by a rotation of teachers and is designed to incorporate a variety a studies and topics throughout the year. While many in the class are active volunteers in the worship and music ministry of CSPC, it is open to all. Come and enjoy coffee and fellowship in this large gathering, along with wonderful teaching and prayer.
Contact: Andrew Duncan (andrewduncan@cspc.net)

We are every woman. We are married. We are single. We are mothers. We are childless. We are older. We are younger. The thread that binds us is our commitment to learn of Jesus through scripture, our attempt to follow Him and our desire to help each other do just that. TOGETHER. Come join us! 
Teacher: Dianne Webster
Contact: Rebekah Peterson (rebekahpeterson@cspc.net