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Sunday School Electives

All elective classes meet from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m.


Session 1

September 10 - October 1 (4 weeks)

A Biblical View of Aging

Rich McLean, Ruling Elder

Meets in room B224

The “golden years” is a stage of life often misunderstood by both those experiencing it and their loved ones. We will examine the various components of this life stage through the lens of Scripture: retirement, loss of a spouse, role reversal, intentionally reflecting on your own life and saying good-bye. We will also explore practical, meaningful ways for family and friends to bless and encourage their loved ones at this stage of life.

The Mission of God

Cedar Springs Global Missions Director

Meets in the Chapel

Mission is core to who we are at Cedar Springs. Why do we hold it in such high regard? And why do we "do mission" the way we do it? This elective begins with a sweeping overview of mission in Scripture, then focuses in on the principles of mission taught by Jesus and practiced by the apostles and the early church. Each week these principles will be applied to our lives as both individuals and the church as we seek to be faithful to God's missional call. To see slides used in this class, go here.

Session 2

October 22 - November 19 (5 weeks) 

Worshipping Together as Families on Sunday Morning

Andrew Keasling, Executive Pastor and Pastor to 30s

Meets in room B234/236


This 4-week elective is designed to provide help to our families in light of the Sunday morning change. Our hope is to not only provide the rationale behind the change but also insights and helpful hints for families in the pews on Sunday morning. Discussion will be a part of the class format in order to address people’s actual questions and concerns.

How to Teach the Bible More Effectively

Matt Avery, Pastor of Discipleship and Pastor to 20s

Meets in the Chapel

This elective is designed to be a very practical help to those who are teaching classes, leading Bible studies, and facilitating small groups, as well as those who have a desire to teach lessons and lead discussions on Scripture in various settings. We will primarily focus on developing a healthy “teaching theology”, the preparation process, and the act of teaching/facilitating itself.

Session 3

December 3 - 17 (3 weeks)

Watch and Wait

Jim Branch, Author and Director of Core Leadership

Meets in the Chapel

This will be a time of reflection, prayer, and conversation on the themes of Advent. We will also explore how to live the Christmas season in such a way that it prepares our hearts and souls for the arrival of Christ, both as individuals and as the body of Christ.

The Hidden Gift of Unwanted Holiday Emotions

Matt Avery, Pastor of Discipleship and Pastor to 20s

Meets in room B224

The Christmas season is a time when many of us grow more aware that the reality of our circumstances, relationships, and lives are not as perfect as we expected they would be. Instead of joy and hope, many experience loneliness, anger, and worry—and God invites us to be honest about that! In this class, we will explore these emotions and their God-given, redemptive purposes in our lives: revealing the truth of where we are while inviting us to deeper flourishing in Christ.