Thanksgiving Boxes 2017


 PLEASE PICK UP A BOX (provided by Cedar Springs) in Reception Hall, fill it with the items listed below, and bring it back to the church NO LATER than Sunday morning, Nov. 19. Cedar Springs will provide a turkey and rolls for each box.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED Sunday afternoon, Nov. 19, to prepare the boxes for pickup and delivery; and Monday morning, Nov. 20, to load and unload turkeys, help carry boxes to cars, and make deliveries (this is a wonderful opportunity for a family to deliver a box and spend a few minutes visiting).  Click here to sign up to help.  Financial donations for this ministry are accepted. If you would like to make a donation, please make your check out to "CSPC" and write "Thanksgiving Boxes" on the memo line.

Please return your box no later than Sunday morning, Nov. 19. You may return your filled box to the Reception Desk at the church weekdays. On Sundays bring your filled box to Reception Hall or drop it off at the turn-around in front of Reception Hall on the Kingston Pike side of the church; the drop-off on the south side of the church by the Sanctuary; or the west end of the church between the playground and the Chapel. 


Some Cultural Boxes are also needed for those who are new to our country and unfamiliar with our traditional Thanksgiving foods.

Items needed to fill a Cultural Box are:
- 2 15-oz cans corn
- 2 15-oz cans green beans
- 1 28-oz can diced tomatoes
- 1 15-oz can fruit
- 1 box cake mix
- 1 can icing
- 1 4-lb bag sugar (sealed in a ziplock bag)
- 1 5-lb bag cornmeal (sealed in a ziplock bag)
- 1 2-lb bag pinto beans
- 1 2-lb bag black beans
- 1 5-lb bag rice
- 1 24-oz bottle vegetable oil (sealed in a ziplock bag)
Optional: Devotion Book, Paper Thanksgiving Tablecloth/Napkins, Roasting Pan

The recipients of the boxes come from ministries we support, inner-city schools, social service agencies and from church members.  If you would like to be involved in this ministry to those in need in our city, please contact Alison at or (865) 291-5261.