No registration needed for Sunday morning worship. Please continue to register for Nursery/Preschool at 8:15 & 11:00 a.m.

At Home Worship


  K-2 Guide 3-5 Guide Craft Coloring Page Bible Story

We have included the worship guides that we typically have available on Sunday mornings. Our Children’s Ministry has also provided an additional craft for your families to coincide with worship. Click on the images above to download. 




Family Devotions and Resources

With a couple of weeks of extended Spring Break coming up, coupled with folks having to work from home, and many restaurants and entertainment venues closing, it may be a little overwhelming thinking about what to do with your kids at home. We would like to make a suggestion.

Study after study confirms that the most important influence in the spiritual life of children is still their parents. Therefore, what would it look like to begin a rhythm of family worship at home?

I know for most of us this feels completely overwhelming. To help, I have included two curricula that I wrote a few years ago which have both lessons and family devotionals in them. Traditionally the lessons were taught in Sunday school and the family devotions done at home during the week—but you have opportunities to do both during this time. They are designed to run for an entire Summer, but you can feel free to pick-and-choose which lessons you do, and for how long. How great would it be if the enduring memory of the Coronavirus was you, as a family, spending time around God’s Word?









Click on the images above to download a digital copy of the devotionals. They each come with instructions on how to use the books.

I know this is a lot, but we always long to come alongside our families, and this seems to be a perfect time for that. You can expect some additional resources from us in the weeks to come as we continue to partner with you as you raise your kids to follow Jesus. If there is anything else we can be doing for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

By God’s Grace,

Andrew Keasling