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Church Planting

Cedar Springs is involved in church planting on local, national, and international levels. The outcome of  the Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys was invariably the creation of a church - usually in key, influential cities. The Church, expressed in local bodies, is God’s primary mechanism for the expansion of His Kingdom.  A healthy church plant becomes self-sustaining and replicates itself over time through its own church planting efforts.

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We at Cedar Springs give primary place to mission efforts that advance church planting and achieve this in various ways. We send church planting missionaries; plus, we partner with national church planters and national organizations who are involved in church planting. The type of churches we plant depend on the geographical location and circumstances on the ground. Sometimes the situation calls for “house churches,” while other times it calls for a more formal church structure.

In Paul’s time, and now in modern days, there are key cities in every region that have a huge influence on the their country and area. Several years ago, Cedar Springs developed a fruitful partnership with Redeemer City to City, which recruits, trains, and coaches leaders who start gospel movements in cities. Today, we partner with more than 10 church plants in major world cities.

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Some people wonder why we should plant churches, especially in areas where there are already many in existence. Statistics show that new churches are an effective way to evangelize and reach a community.  Since 2016, we've planted two local, vibrant churches, one in Knoxville and the other in neighboring Blount County

If you have any questions about church planting, please email us!