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Community Groups

What is a Cedar Springs Community Group?
Intentional Christian communities of up to 18 people that meet in homes 2-3 weeks per month. Meetings last 1.5 hours. Groups spend time getting to know one another, praising God for who he is and what he has done, thinking about and discussing how God is calling us to live in light of Scripture, sharing what is going on in our lives, praying for one another, and asking God to transform us according to his good will.

The mission: Why do Cedar Springs Community Groups exist?
To be transformed by the Holy Spirit and God’s Word in the context of community to love Jesus more and be more like him, and to create space for people at any point in their spiritual journey to hear and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ in community.

The vision: What kind of community do we strive to be? 

  1. welcoming community that accepts people at all points in their spiritual journey.
  2. transformative community that desires the Holy Spirit to make us more like Jesus.
  3. an authentic community that is free to admit failures, confess sin, and ask for help.
  4. an encouraging community that builds one another up in the love of Jesus Christ.
  5. dependent community that looks to God alone for all real, lasting change.
  6. generous community that spends its time and resources meeting others’ needs.
  7. humbly courageous community that engages in conflict for others’ good.
  8. forgiving community that forgives others because we have been forgiven much.
  9. an outward facing community that seeks to be used to bring people to Jesus.
  10. multiplying community that creates space for others to experience community.

For a current list of community groups and contact information please click here.