April 11 Devotional

Opening Prayer: We thank You that You have delivered us from the dominion of sin and death, and brought us into the Kingdom of Your Son: Grant we pray that, as by his death he has recalled us to life, so by his love he may raise us to eternal joy. Amen. (Venite by Robert Benson)

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

Journal: What hope is the resurrection offering in your life these days? How is it helping you to stand firm?


Long, long, long ago;
Way before this winter’s snow
First fell upon these weathered fields;
I used to sit and watch and feel
And dream of how the spring would be,
When through the winter’s stormy sea
She’d raise her green and growing head,
Her warmth would resurrect the dead.

Long before this winter’s snow
I dreamt of this day’s sunny glow
And thought somehow my pain would pass
With winter’s pain, and peace like grass
Would simply grow. The pain’s not gone.
It’s still as cold and hard and long
As lonely pain has ever been,
It cuts so deep and far within.

Long before this winter’s snow
I ran from pain, looked high and low
For some fast way to get around
Its hurt and cold. I’d have found
If I had looked at what was there,
That things don’t follow fast or fair.
hat life goes on, and times do change,
And grass does grow despite life’s pains.

Long before this winter’s snow
I thought that this day’s sunny glow,
The smiling children and growing things
And flowers bright were brought by spring.
Now, I know the sun does shine,
That children smile, and from the dark, cold, grime
A flower comes. It groans, yet sings,
And through its pain, its peace begins.

(Resurrection by Mary Ann Bernard)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

H. & L. serve in Asia by providing strategic leadership for colleagues serving in several major urban centers in Asia. Their role involves encouraging and coaching these co-workers in their ministries, as well as networking with others to make sure they have the resources and training that they need for their respective ministries. Pray today for H. & L. as they travel back to Hong Kong at the end of this month after some time in the U.S.

Hope Resource Center is a multi-faceted Christian ministry addressing such matters as sexual purity and health, unplanned pregnancy, post-abortion stress and abstinence education. Pray today for the staff and volunteers as they minister to young women in crisis.

Closing Prayer: Help us, O God, to always hold onto the hope of the resurrection. The hope that death and decay and pain and sorrow do not have the last word, but life does. By the power of, and in the name of, the resurrected Jesus we pray. Amen.