April 23 Devotional

Opening Prayer: O God, union with you is a song that does not die in the hearing, a flavor which does not abate in the eating, and embrace which gives delight without end. - St. Augustine

Scripture: Isaiah 55:12-13

Journal: When was the last time you became aware of God’s dancing and singing presence in the midst of his creation? How did you recognize it? What gave you eyes to see it? What will help you see in that way more often?

Reflection: The universe is dancing. And the smallest bit of matter knows, unerringly and interiorly, the dance. Let there be no more talk of flashing signal lights. No more solitary figures sending out messages in quantum bottles to be picked up light years later on some distant star. No more cumbersome cosmic intelligence network dependent on the measurable flight of photons. The timing of this dance must take into account something more than the speed of light. It must take in to account a “knowing” universe. (And the Trees Clap Their Hands by Virginia Stem Owens)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

Eric and Beth Yodis are facilitating church planting in eastern Ukraine. Because of the war there, Eric and Beth have recently be staying in the U.S. but are planning to return to the Ukraine soon. Pray today that God would open the hearts and minds of church leaders throughout Ukraine to see the need for church planting.

Cedar Springs adopted Lonsdale Elementary in 2003. Lonsdale, with more than 400 students PreK through 5th grade, only serves the Lonsdale area. Over the years, the racial make-up of the school, whose students are 100% free lunch qualified, has changed to primarily Hispanic and African-American children. Pray today for the children that CSPC is reaching through their “D.E.A.R. Dinner” (Drop Everything And Read) program at Lonsdale Elementary on Tuesday afternoons in June. Consider volunteering to help. Contact Alison at 291-5261 to find out how.

Closing Prayer: The heavens are telling the glory of God and all of creation is shouting for joy. Come dance in the forest, come play in the field and sing, sing to the glory of the Lord. (Canticle for the Sun)