April 30 Devotional

Opening Prayer: Father, you alone know what lies before me this day, grant that in every hour of it I may stay close to you. Let me today embark on no undertaking that is not in line with your will for my life, nor shrink from any sacrifice which your will may demand. Suggest, direct, control, every movement of my mind; for my Lord Christ’s sake. Amen. (A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie)

Scripture: Jeremiah 33:1-3

Journal: Who do you normally call on first when you are in need of guidance or direction? What would it look like to take this verse to heart?

Reflection: Christian life is ultimately this yielding to what God is doing in us through the Spirit of Christ. It is the Spirit’s activity, yet, in a mysterious way, it is also truly our own. (The Journey Within by Kathryn J. Hermes)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

George and Kathy Cail live in North Carolina where George works in the curriculum department of a ministry called TEN3 (Transformational Education Network - Discipling to the Third Generation). Pray for George and Kathy as they grieve the loss of George’s father, former missionary to West Africa Jim Cail, Sr., who died on March 30.

PALM (Preparing Arab-World Leaders for Ministry) is Arab World Media’s discipleship and theological training ministry. It provides high quality leadership and discipleship training materials in Arabic, Kabyle and French. It is an excellent way to meet the need for training in leadership and ministry among Muslim background believers throughout North Africa, Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. Our recent conference guest Belkacem Guermouche works with PALM Algerian.

Closing Prayer: Lord, be the first direction I turn when I am in need of guidance or clarity. Help me to trust in your promise that when I call on you, you will show me great and hidden things that I do not know. Amen.