April 5 Devotional

Opening Prayer: Through your Divine Son, You overcame death and opened to us the gates of the life that does not end: Grant that we who celebrate this day with joy may be raised from the death of sin by Your life-giving Spirit. Amen. (Venite by Robert Benson)

Scripture: John 20:1-18

Journal: Put yourself in the scene. Walk with Mary to the empty tomb. What does “He is Alive!” mean to you today? What is raised to life in you?

Reflection: What was it like in that dark tomb Jesus? What exactly happened when light suddenly broke into the darkness and brought you to life once again? Did the mouth of God come down from heaven and breathe the breath of life into your lifeless body? Or did He reach down with His life-giving hands and brush the death from you as one would wipe sleep from the eyes of a child? Or was it like a Father tenderly bending down over his sleeping child to plant a gentle kiss upon his forehead? Perhaps it was more like an earthquake; a sudden jolt of power and life that hit you like a lightning bolt from on high, raising you suddenly to life once more. 

And were there any words uttered in that silent grave? Words that you had the privilege of hearing, but that we will never know about because they were words meant only for your ears: arise, my love, or wake up sleepy head or My Child, I’ve missed you so much! And what was it like when the grave clothes were removed? And who exactly did that? Was it the angels that were present the next morning; sent by the Father to unbind His Beloved Son? And why exactly did they fold them and stack them so neatly? I’ll bet they were smiling from ear to ear. And O what a reunion it must have been, the Three-in-One becoming Three and becoming One once again! What was that like? What was it like when you and the Father, and the Spirit, were reunited. What were the looks on your faces? What was going on in your hearts? What a dance that must’ve been! A dance we are now invited to join. O the joy, joy unspeakable. Let our imaginations run wild on this Easter day, as we dream about, and celebrate, the day our beloved Jesus, was raised to life again! 

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

J. and C. are working in a Creative Access country for World Outreach. J. is developing an entry platform using sustainable technologies that will provide income and economic development among the people they are ministering to. Pray today for God’s will to be evident as the team is in the process of exploring a new partnership with a large Business as Mission organization.

The Garbage City Alliance is a ministry to the Garbage City in Cairo, Egypt. Rebecca Atollah, the wife of Ramez Atollah, the leader of the Bible Society of Egypt, is a key worker at the St. Simon Coptic Orthodox Church in the Mokattam garbage village. Over the last twenty-five years she has helped with church planting and providing Christian education among the lowest of the low, Egypt’s untouchables. Pray today for Rebecca and her work with the Garbage City Alliance.

Closing Prayer: Lord Jesus, I’m so glad Easter is finally here. During this season train my eyes and my heart to see you, O Risen Christ, in ways and in places that I don’t normally see you. Thanks be to God that you are alive! He is Risen!!! He is Risen indeed!!! Hallelujah!!!