August 12 Devotional

Opening Prayer: Spirit of Wisdom, may we bear your love for humanity by bringing good news to the poor. Acting according to your will, we will come to know your reign, where all will be seated at your heavenly banquet.  Let us bring food to the hungry, healing to the violated, and presence to the lonely. Teach us to shine like the stars in our relationship with God, with our neighbor, and with all of creation.  Lead us in promoting peace and integrity through our everyday challenges. May your comforting embrace bring us compassion for others. Amen. - William Purcell

Scripture: Luke 4:14-21

Journal: What does it look like in your life to bring the good news to the poor? To proclaim liberty for the captives and recovery of sight to the blind? What does it look like to set at liberty those who are oppressed and proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor? What does Jesus want this to look like in our lives? 

Reflection: The question is not: How many people take you seriously? How much are you going to accomplish? Can you show results? But: Are you in love with Jesus? Perhaps another way of putting the question would be: Do you know the incarnate God? In our world of loneliness and despair, there is an enormous need for men and women who know the heart of God, a heart that forgives, that cares, that reaches out and wants to heal. In that heart there is no suspicion, no revenge, no resentment, and not a tinge of hatred. It is a heart that wants only to give love and receive love in response. It is a heart that suffers immensely because it sees the magnitude of human pain and the great resistance to trusting the heart of God who wants to offer comfort and hope. (In the Name of Jesus by Henri J. M. Nouwen)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

George and Kathy Cail live in North Carolina where George works in the curriculum department of a ministry called TEN3 (Transformational Education Network - Discipling to the Third Generation). Pray for George and Kathy and their work with TEN3.

Campus Renewal Ministries is a National Christian Ministry devoted to seeing transformation on college campuses for God’s glory. They have been around for over 15 years and work with colleges all across America. Pray today for their leaders to have  a renewed vision for ministry on UT’s campus as they begin the fall semester.

Closing Prayer: Lord, please open my eyes. Please let me see those around me that are in need of my compassion. Compel me to listen to them, to hear their needs. Give me the heart to be interested in their troubles and provide for me the means to help them. I want to be compassionate. I want to be like you that had so much compassion for the world that you sacrificed your Son on a cross for us. I want to have that kind of heart for the world that I will do all I can to be a voice for the oppressed, a giver to the poor, an encouragement for the disabled. Amen. - Kelli Mahoney