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February 19 Devotional

Come to Stillness: Take a few minutes to allow your mind and heart to be still before God.

Opening Prayer: O God. We give ourselves over to your care, trusting only in your infinite mercy and love. We will continue to give thanks to you, O Lord, for all that we have and all that we are. We will rest assured in the knowledge that when we cry to you in sadness or in joy you will hear our cry and make reply. Amen. (A Guide to Prayer for All Who Walk with God by Rueben P. Job, Norman Shawchuck, and John Mogabgab)

Scripture Reading for the Day: Luke 7:36-50

Reading for Reflection: I would love to have been a fly on the wall, an eyewitness to this extravagant outpouring of sorrow and love. I would love to have seen her face as she both wept upon and kissed the feet of the Savior. Surely these were no normal tears. These tears were an odd combination of the remorse and regret associated with the gravity of sin, coupled with the immense gratitude and affection that comes from the joy and delight of being forgiven. Because, of course, the gospel is always both. They cannot be separated, this weeping and kissing. So as we journey together through these next days and weeks, let us always hold these two things together in perfect harmony. Let an abundance of tears and an abundance of kisses continually bathe his pierced feet. Thanks be to God!

Reflection and Listening: silent and written

Hymn of the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

The “Professors” create curriculum materials, providing teacher training, advising and helping others establish ESL ministries in a Creative Access country. They also work on “secret” projects with national Christians who teach weekly Bible studies. They are using innovative technology tools to communicate their training to teachers including podcasts that can be accessed while teachers are commuting to work. This last year teams took the materials they have created to use storytelling to share the gospel in 20 cities and 11 provinces. Pray today for all of the teachers who will be using their teaching tools in the coming months.

Logan and Melissa Keck are building relationships and meeting with a core group for the purpose of discipling, training, and equipping leaders as they are planting Christ the King, JP/Roxbury in Boston. Pray for the church as they are developing a reading buddy program with a local elementary school. Pray that they can build relationships with the children and families of this amazingly diverse school.

Closing Prayer: Gracious God, you know the sighs confined and hidden within the depths of our hearts. Sighs for which there are often no words. Do not be far from us, O God, when we cry out unto you. Hear our prayers today. Amen. (A Guide to Prayer for All Who Walk with God by Rueben P. Job, Norman Shawchuck, and John Mogabgab)