May 4 Devotional

Opening Prayer: Lord Jesus, set the tone, the agenda, and the direction for my life; as well as for the day that is ahead of me. Let my time with you in solitude be the determining factor for who I will be and what I will do this day. Amen. 

Scripture: Mark 1:32-39

Journal: Who or what determines how you spend your life each day? Who or what determined that for Jesus? 

Reflection: A wise saint once said, “Only he who obeys a rhythm superior to his own is free.” That was certainly true in the life of Jesus. In the first chapter of Mark, here he was staying up late into the evening, the whole town at his door, healing many. And yet, before the morning light had lifted its sleepy head, he arose and went out to be with his Father. That’s because it was his Father who determined his steps; not the needs of others, or their demands, or even their expectations. Thus, when his disciples came and found him, because everyone was looking for him, he replied, “Let us go somewhere else to preach the good news; that is why I came.” It was his time with his Father in solitude that determined his agenda and direction for the day ahead. What determines ours?

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

L. and E. serve in a Creative Access country. L. is working to make evangelical literature available to the nations so that people can come to Christ. Pray today for new believers. The biggest struggle is for them to read God’s word daily and get connected to a local fellowship. Pray for L. and E. as they are currently in the U.S. visiting with family.

Re-Entryis a partnership organization whose mission is to inspire, equip, and connect international students and scholars to become ethical and impactful leaders in their communities of origin or employment. Pray today for Tom Henry, the president of this organization.

Closing Prayer: Father, give me eyes to see and a heart to respond to all which will come to me this day. Forbid that I should miss its graces by looking ahead to some tomorrow. Let me accept the newness each moment brings with awareness and gratitude. In the name of the one who makes all things new I pray. Amen. (Disciplines for the Inner Life by Michael W. Benson and Bob Benson)