May 6 Devotional

Opening Prayer: I pause, Father, to commune with you. Help me to be still and know that you are God. Ease awhile any tense muscles or strained nerves or wrought-up emotions. Let me be relaxed in body and calm in spirit so that I may be more responsive to your presence. I pause, Father, to commune with you. Amen. (Daily Prayer Companion by Roy E. Dickerson)

Scripture: Galatians 1:11-24

Journal: Why do you think Paul went to Arabia? What do you think happened to him/in him there? What is the intent of Arabia? What might God want to do in you in Arabia? What might he want to be preparing you for?

Reflection: There are two movements which must be plainly present in every complete spiritual life. The energy of its prayer must be directed on the one hand towards God; and on the other towards people. The first movement embraces the whole range of spiritual communion between the soul and God; in it we turn toward the Divine Reality in adoration, bathing, so to speak, our souls in Eternal Light. In the second we return, with the added peace and energy thus gained, to the natural world; there to do spiritual work for and with God for others. Thus prayer, like the whole of the inner life, “swings between the unseen and the seen.” Now both these movements are of course necessary in all Christians; but the point is that the second will only be well done where the first has the central place. The deepening of the soul’s unseen attachments must precede, in order that it may safeguard, the outward swing towards the world. (Concerning the Spiritual Life by Evelyn Underhill) 

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself 

Paul and Karan Davis have been working with TEAM in France since 1978 in church-planting ministries. They have planted churches in the southern suburbs of Paris, northwestern suburbs of Lyon, and more recently in the Alps region around Albertville. Pray today for French believers living in the area to catch the vision of starting a network of churches in and around Pontcharra. Pray also for the Fall inaugaration of the new church building and the curiosity that is building in their community.

Safe Families for Children is an innovative collaboration between area churches, volunteers and child care professionals designed to support at-risk children and parents in need. Pray for all of the children, parents and host families that they might know the love and comfort of Christ.    

Closing Prayer: 

Uncrowd my heart, O God,
until silence speaks
in your still small voice;
turn me from the hearing of words,
and the making of words,
and the confusion of much speaking,

- Thomas Merton