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Mission Devotional - January 12, 2017

Opening Prayer: Lord God, you alone are worthy of our attention and our affection. Help us to fully give ourselves, our lives, and our attention to you this day. For you demand to be our primary focus, not merely some secondary character in our life's story. Amen.

Scripture: Haggai 1:1-9

Journal: What, or whose, house are you building these days? How do these words speak to you and your life right now?

Reflection: It is so easy to get caught up in the ebb and flow, and chaos and activity, of our lives that we lose track of the reason we are here in the first place - God, and his kingdom. We invest so much of our time and our energy, and even our money, in building up our own lives and careers and our own financial security that we forget that our ultimate purpose is not to build our kingdom, but his. It's a matter of what is focal. It's a matter of what is primary and what is secondary. Surely we would never admit that God's work and his kingdom was secondary, but the way we spend our time and our resources tells us the real story. What is the story of your life telling you about who (or what) is primary and who (or what) is secondary these days?

Prayer for the church, for others, for myself

A and B are serving in a Creative Access country. Their family is building friendships and seeing them mature as A. continues to teach at a local university and serve the teachers and students there. Pray today for this family as they build relationships and share the gospel with friends, teachers and students.

Habitat for Humanity builds and sells single-family homes to qualified low and very-low income families by developing partnerships with businesses, organizations, churches, foundations and individuals who help build the homes. Pray today for all of the families who moved into Habitat houses this last year.

Closing Prayer: Lord God, help me to never be so busy building my own "house" that I do so at the expense of yours. Amen.