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Mission Devotional - January 31, 2016

Opening Prayer:  

Scripture: Luke 10:1-16

Journal: How has God called you to serve him? Has is he now calling you to serve him? How do these verses in Luke speak to that?

Reflection: You have your work. It will be more meaningful for you, whatever it may be, if you take all the opportunities it affords to serve and give joy to others; if you reverence the things you work with and are conscious that your working with them gives them an opportunity to express themselves at a higher level through your activity and love; if you share some of the fruit of your labor with those less fortunate; if you do all for the love and glory of the heavenly Father, knowing then that your work is part of the transformation of the whole creation, including especially yourself. (A Place Apart by M. Basil Pennington)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

Mike and Stephanie are working with a project called LEARN (Leadership Education and Resource Network) based in Beirut, Lebanon. The project's aim is to provide high quality, interactive Biblical training via the Internet to Arabic-speakers wherever they are found. Pray today for Mike and Stephanie for their times of mentoring and praying and counseling with students. Many times these moments come unexpectedly. They want to be ready to go with students into the presence of God for healing, for truth, for transformation.

The focus of Global Golf is to serve women at all levels of competitive golf - professional tour players, college athletes, coaches and club pros - and introduce them to Jesus Christ through long-term relationships built around golf. Evangelism, discipleship and pastoral care are Global Golf's primary purposes. Pray for director Cris Stevens and the women that she will have opportunities to connect with on the pro tour.

Closing Prayer:

God give me work
Till my life shall end
And life
Till my work is done.
- Yorkshire Tombstone