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Mission Devotional - July 25, 2019

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Opening Prayer: Be still, O my soul, and know that he is God.

Scripture: Psalm 46:10

Journal: How still is your soul these days? How will you try to still it?

Reflection: Contrary to popular opinion, being still and knowing that he is God does not happen overnight; it takes time and space, effort and intention. It takes the effort to not exert effort. It takes trying not to try. It takes actively being inactive. For without this kind of effort, stillness is unlikely to ever become a reality.

You don't fly up to a stop sign at one hundred miles an hour and expect to be able to stop on a dime. The momentum of your life will make that an impossibility. You must begin to slow down well in advance of the sign to make stillness a possibility - or give yourself the freedom to go well past the sign before the stopping truly occurs. Either way, it takes time to come to a stop.

It is the same way with being still and knowing that he is God. It is a process, not a moment. It is possible, but only if we make the necessary time and space to allow it to happen. And the beauty of it is that once it does finally happen, it will not be quite so difficult for it to happen again and again. We become more and more practiced in the art of stilling.

Prayer for the church, for others, for myself

Global Partner Focus: Asia

Pastor of the First Greek Evangelical Church, a historic Presbyterian church in the center of Athens, Giotis Kantartzis, leads a church planting movement called "Polis" (or, "city" in Ancient Greek). Giotis' church is largely responsible for a significant amount of outreach to the thousands of refugees who have landed in Greece. He spearheaded the Houses of Hope project in which several apartments were purchased and converted into refugee housing (with up to two families per apartment). Pray today for new church planting initiatives in an area of Athens called "Neos Kosmos."

The focus of Global Golf is to serve women at all levels of competitive golf - professional tour players, college athletes, coaches and club pros - and introduce them to Jesus Christ through long-term relationships built around golf. Evangelism, discipleship and pastoral care are Global Golf's primary purposes. Pray today for Cris for good health and stamina as she travels during the tour season and extends God's love to these professional athletes.

Closing Prayer: Be still and know that I am God.