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Mission Devotional - July 7, 2016

Opening Prayer: Thank you, Lord Jesus, that your grace is sufficient for me. Help me to believe that truth and live in it today. Amen.

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 12:9

Journal: How or where do you need to hear the words my grace is sufficient for you today? How do these words intersect with your life right now? Is the grace of Jesus enough for you today? Why or why not? Be honest.

Reflection: "My grace is enough: it's all you need." (2 Corinthians 12:9, The Message) I don't know about you, but I have kind of a love-hate relationship with the word enough. On the one hand, I constantly feel like I am not enough, and continuously try to prove to myself and to my world otherwise. Somehow I have taken on the burden of proving that I am worth loving. It is both consuming and exhausting. And on the other hand, Jesus comes along and tells me that in him, in his grace, I am more than enough. In fact, his grace is enough for me. It is all I need. Apparently, I am constantly trying to prove something that has already been decided. Maybe it is time for me to take Jesus at his word. Maybe it is time for me to stop trying so hard to prove that I am worth loving, and simply believe that I am loved. Maybe it's time for me to accept his grace, to receive it, to live in it, and to be free.

Prayer for the church, for others, for myself

Kenton and Ariana Wood serves in Guadalajara, Mexico as a church planter. Pray today for Kenton who oversees a mother church that has six services on Sunday. Pray also for the Purépecha Indians in the nearby state of Michoacan that they may be reached with the gospel. Kenton has recently married Adriana. Pray today for the Woods as they serve together.

In community with the local church, World Relief envisions the most vulnerable people transformed economically, socially, and spiritually. World Relief is on the ground in South Sudan working with families internally displaced by the current violence. Pray today for their continued work with refugees.

Closing Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you that I do not have to be enough today, because you are. Help me to walk in that freedom today. Amen.