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Mission Devotional - November 22, 2016

Opening Prayer:
Uncrowd my heart, O God,
until silence speaks
in your still small voice;
turn me from the hearing of words,
and the making of words,
and the confusion of much speaking,
to listening,
- Thomas Merton

Scripture: Mark 6:31

Journal: Where do solitude and silence fit in your spiritual practice? What has been the fruit of them in your life thus far? Why do you think God invites you into silence and solitude? Why do you think we resist it?

Reflection: Solitude and silence are a beautiful invitation from God. They are an invitation to stop, to cease striving, to rest, and to breathe. They are an invitation to be renewed and restored. In a world where we are constantly on the go, living in a constant exhale, solitude and silence provide an opportunity to inhale. They allow the life-giving Spirit of God the space and the time to blow his fresh wind into our parched and weary souls. Thus, solitude and silence are essential for both our spiritual and our physical well-being. They offer us an invitation to come to him, to release our burdens, and to enjoy his presence, his peace, and his rest.

Prayer for the church, for others, for myself

Isik Abla hosts a satellite TV program called "Light for the Heart" on the Kanal Hayat Turkish-language channel. She also hosts a live call-in program that is simulcast on the Turkish and Farsi channels throughout the Middle East and Europe. These TV programs deliver the message of love, healing, and freedom through Christ Jesus, reflecting on Isik's own life experience. Pray today for Isik and the "Light for the Heart" program to be used by God to reach many with the gospel.

The Philadelphians Prison Ministry has been ministering in Tennessee prisons for 27+ years. Its purpose is to change the thinking of a prisoner through the power and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is done through strong Bible teaching with praise and worship services, weekly in-prison group meetings, the HELP program, and a transitional housing program, the HELP House, in Knoxville. Christian ministry counseling is given to inmates' loved ones, the "silent victims" of crime. Pray today for the volunteers and the inmates that are being reached by this ministry.

Closing Prayer: O God, my loving Father, let me rest in the silence and security of your strong and loving arms this day. Help me to trust you completely - and to be occupied with nothing else but you. Let me find my rest and my hope in you, both now and forevermore. Amen.