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Mission Devotional - November 3, 2016

Opening Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us to understand that greatness comes not from ascending, but descending. Help us to follow you on this downward path to servanthood and humility today. Amen.

Scripture: Matthew 23:1-12

Journal: How do these verses speak to what is going on in your life and heart today? Where and how are you trying to rise? Where and how are you humbling yourself? What is the result of each?



there is a freedom
in descending
in letting go of
climbing and jockeying
and entering the spaciousness
of becoming nothing

for when we are able
to reach these misty lowlands
somehow everything
we most deeply long for
becomes a possibility

purity and clarity
fill our vision
and call us beyond ourselves
into a grander narrative
one where i disappears
as we emerges

o take me to that place
lead me to that land
for i will not find it
on my own
i keep trying to rise
when the only way
to arrive at this
glorious destination
is to bow

Prayer for the church, for others, for myself

We are providing prayer support for two families living in Creative Access countries who are "Tent Makers." Their work gives them access to the local population. Pray today for wisdom and safety for these two growing families.

INVEST (Immigrants Needing Vocational Education Support to Thrive) empowers immigrants to re-enter their professional field, with a restored sense of self-worth and opportunity to economically contribute to their new homeland by providing a bridge between the immigrants and employers in need of their skills. Partnering with World Relief Nashville's REACH program, the belief is that educated, skilled immigrants should not be limited to low-wage survival jobs when there is a pathway to substantiate their experience. Pray today for immigrants currently in this program.

Closing Prayer: Lord Jesus, forgive us for all the ways we will try to rise today; for all of the ways we will try to elevate our status. Help us to remember that the way to greatness in your kingdom is the way of serving. Amen.