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Mission Devotional - October 16, 2016

Opening Prayer: O Almighty God, eternal Treasure of all good things, thou fillest all things with plenteousness; Thou clothest the lilies of the field, and feedest the young ravens that call upon thee: Thou art all-sufficient in thy self, and all-sufficient to us, let thy Providence be my store-house, thy dispensation of temporal things the limit of my labour, my own necessity the measures of my desire: but never let my desires of this world be greedy, nor my labour immoderate, nor my care vexatious, and distracting, but prudent, moderate, holy, subordinate to thy Will, the measure thou hast appointed for me. - Jeremy Taylor

Scripture: Luke 12:13-21

Journal: What does covetousness mean to you? How does it most often show itself in your life? In your heart and soul? How can you be on your guard against all of it? What are you trying to store in your barns these days?

Reflection: If you look up the word covetousness in the dictionary it will tell you that it means the state of being wrongfully or greedily desirous of something. The Greek word used here is pleonexia, which means the constant desire for more. It comes from the root word pleonekt