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Mission Devotional - October 19, 2018

Friday, October 19, 2018


Opening Prayer: Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine.

Scripture: Song of Solomon 1:2

Journal: Sit still in God’s presence this day and receive his kiss.

Reflection: Let us not suppose ecstasy is ruled out for ordinary people like ourselves. It is not as though we had invented it, or as though we had written the rules. The Lord seizes us suddenly with a quick burst of affection. His power flows to us. He sweeps us up. Everything else stands still for a kiss that is passionate, tender, demanding. In anticipation of this kiss, whole lives are altered and overturned. In the aftermath of this kiss, destinies and ambitions and careers are discarded like old pairs of gloves. This is the sign of a love in which there is no disenchantment, no chance of boredom, no ultimate letdown. (Clinging by Emilie Griffin)

Prayer for the church, for others, for myself

Global Partner Focus: Africa

Heath and Angela Many have been serving at Tenwek Hospital, a Christian mission hospital in rural Kenya, as medical missionaries in their respective fields (surgery and obstetrics/gynecology). Pray today for Tenwek Hospital as they navigate administrative and financial challenges that come with running a mission hospital in a resource-limited environment.

Free Medical Clinic of America was founded by CSPC member, Dr. Tom Kim, to provide medical care for the working uninsured. The clinic is built upon the words from Christ about serving the least, the lonely, and the lost. Pray for Dr. Kim and the other medical volunteers that help to meet the medical needs of our community.

Closing Prayer: Oh, my God, let me not be afraid, no matter how high I am, knowing that you are near and that You are the maker and originator and master of the heights. (Clinging by Emilie Griffin)