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Mission Devotional - October 27, 2016

Opening Prayer: Lord Jesus, your touch offers us healing and hope. Thank you that you long to touch us in some deep way this very day. Help us to be open and receptive to that. Amen.

Scripture: Matthew 19:13-15

Journal: Do you know that God longs to place his hands on you this day? Will you be still and quiet for long enough to let that happen?

Reflection: I love how Jesus just couldn't keep his hands off of those whom he loved. Not only was it the children who received his tender touch, but also the leper and the deaf mute and the blind man and sick girl and so many others. And everyone he touched, he transformed. Jesus longs to do the same with each of us. He longs to get his hands on us. He longs to touch us deeply and tenderly this very day. The only question is will we be still and quiet long enough to allow that to happen?

Prayer for the church, for others, for myself

Michael and Diana Johnson serve with People International. As International Director, Michael provides broad vision and leadership for the mission. Pray today for the unreached people groups that People International seeks to reach.

Gospel Wave Media is a satellite and Internet ministry that produces, records and broadcasts Christian television programs to Central Asia. Pray for safe travels, for God's protection and guidance for the staff of this ministry.

Closing Prayer: Lord Jesus, we long for your touch this day. We need it desperately. Touch the places within us that are in need of healing and wholeness, that we might be transformed, in order to become agents of your healing touch in our world. Amen.