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Mission Devotional - December 21, 2015

Opening Prayer: O Lord God, whose chosen dwelling is the heart of the lowly; we give thee thanks that thou didst reveal thyself in the holy child Jesus, thereby sanctifying all childhood in him. We beseech thee to make us humble in faith and love, that we may know the joy of the Gospel that is hidden from the wise and prudent and revealed unto babes. Amen. - The Book of Common Worship

Scripture: Isaiah 2:1-5

Journal: What does it mean for you, this day and this season, to walk in the light of the Lord? Where or how do you need to beat your swords into plowshares and your spears into pruning hooks?

Reflection: To pray means to wait for the God who comes. Every prayer-filled day sees a meeting with the God who comes; every night which we faithfully put at his disposal is full of his presence.

And his coming and his presence are not only the result of our waiting or a prize for our efforts; they are his decision, based on his love freely poured out.

His coming is bound to his promise, not to our works or virtue. We have not earned the meeting with God because we have served him faithfully in our brethren, or because we have heaped up such a pile of virtue as to shine before heaven.

God is thrust onward by his love, not attracted by our beauty. He comes even in moments when we have done everything wrong, when we have done nothing. (The God Who Comes by Carlo Carreto)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

J. and C. are working in a Creative Access country for World Outreach. J. is developing an entry platform using sustainable technologies that will provide income and economic development among the people they are ministering to. Pray today for wisdom as they look critically at the pace and scale of the project heading into 2016.

The Thornston Educational Fund is an organization whose mission is to initiate and develop relationships with certain educational institutions that serve the needs of underprivileged individuals and families in Asia. Pray today for the organization's work and for the people that are served through it.

Closing Prayer: Help me to be attentive, Lord Jesus, to all of the ways and all of the places and all of the people through whom you will come to me today. You are, and have always been, the God who comes. Thank you that your heart will not allow you to stay away. Come, Lord Jesus! (Watch and Wait by Jim Branch)