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Mission Devotional - December 5, 2015

Opening Prayer: Lord Jesus, sometimes we find you in the most surprising places and circumstances - places that are full of grief or angst or frustration or pain or confusion. These tend to be the places where you most often show up. And sometimes it is only after the fact that we are able to notice that, indeed, we have been visited by You. Help us to see you this day, Lord Jesus. When you pay us a visit, help us to notice, and be amazed and encouraged. Amen.

Scripture: Luke 7:11-17

Journal: How has God come to visit you lately? How has he come into the midst of your pain?

Reflection: How is it that sometimes subtly, sometimes with sudden startle, God breaks through the thick fog of our collective blindness? Our lives confront us with the inevitable experience of suffering: our own suffering, the suffering we cause to others, the pain we experience in and with the suffering of others. "Pay attention," says the voice of God within us, "Here is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with me! You will find me when your heart breaks open with compassionate love for all of creation. But you must let the suffering touch you deeply enough that you begin to see your own path as a path of compassion on behalf of all living creatures." (With Open Eyes: Discerning the Pattern of God's Presence by Elaine M. Prevallet, SL in Weavings, Volume XXV, Number 3)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

Bruce and Laura Harris run SEND International's camp and conference ministry in the mountains of western Tokyo. In this ministry, their goal is to glorify God by serving the church of Jesus Christ through camping programs of evangelism and Biblical education. Pray today for several outreach parties and concerts that will be attended by non-believers during the Christmas season.

The Love Kitchen serves Knoxville's homeless, helpless, hopeless, hungry, and homebound by providing food and clothing. Many CSPC members volunteer there every week preparing and distributing meals. Pray today for all of the people who will receive meals from The Love Kitchen this week that they may know the love of God for them because of this ministry.

Closing Prayer: For your heart that loves me, for your feet that pursue me, for your voice that calls out to me, I thank you, O God. Thank you for raising the questions that draw me into a dialogue with you about my life and how I have been living it. Thank you for every tug of conscience that has led to every timid step that has brought me out in the open in my relationship with you. My hope, O God, my only hope, is that you are more persistent in your seeking than I am in my hiding. (Reflections of the Word by Ken Gire)