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Mission Devotional - January 19, 2016

Opening Prayer: Deliver us when we draw near to you, O God, from coldness of heart and wanderings of mind: grant that with steadfast hearts and kindled affections, we may worship you in Spirit and in Truth. Amen. (Venite by Robert Benson)

Scripture: Philippians 1:1-11

Journal: What about Paul's prayer for the church at Philippi causes something to stir in your heart? What part of it do you long to have prayer for you? What part of it do you long to pray for others? What do the words pure and blameless do within you right now? Why?

Reflection: Prayer is the way in which the soul is infused by the power of the Holy Spirit. If one continues to pray in confidence and strength despite all outer diversions and inner discouragements, there will be gradual change in one's disposition. The effect is neither rapid nor magical - growth, whether physical or spiritual, takes time and is unobtrusive when viewed on a day-to-day basis - but one's life proceeds so one becomes dimly aware of an inner composure and tolerance to events that would previously have disturbed one's equilibrium. One reacts less abruptly to the insensitive intrusion of other people into one's thoughts and private life: one becomes less jealous when one hears of another's success in one's own chosen field; one responds with greater calm in the face of unpleasant circumstances that before would have shattered one emotionally to the extent of preventing one from working properly or being decently aware of other people in the neighborhood. (The Spiritual Dimension by Martin Israel)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

Paul and Karan Davis have been working with TEAM in France since 1978 in church-planting ministries. They have planted churches in the southern suburbs of Paris, northwestern suburbs of Lyon, and more recently in the Alps region around Albertville. Pray today for French believers living in the area who are catching the vision of starting a network of churches in and around Pontcharra. Pray also for a spiritual breakthrough in all of France following the violence from the last few months.

The Refugee Ministry at CSPC coordinates the church's effort of welcoming and offering a holistic ministry to refugees of various cultural and linguistic backgrounds that are arriving in Knoxville. Pray today for all of the refugee families that CSPC is currently supporting.

Closing Prayer: Drive far from us all wrong desires, O God, and incline our hearts to keep your ways. Grant that having cheerfully done your will this day we may, when night comes, rejoice and give you thanks. Through the one who lives a reigns with you and your Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen. (Venite by Robert Benson)