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Mission Devotional - January 22, 2016

Opening Prayer: I ask you, Lord Jesus, to develop in me, your lover an immeasurable urge towards you, an affection that is unbounded, longing that is unrestrained, fervor that throws discretion to the winds! The more worthwhile our love for you, all the more pressing does it become. Reason cannot hold it in check, fear does not make it tremble, wise judgment does not temper it. (The Fire of Love by Richard Rolle)

Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:6-16

Journal: What does it look like to train yourself for godliness? How is that taking shape in your life these days?

Reflection: It seems to me that there are four main things which must have a place in any full and healthy religious life: and that a remembrance of this will help us to make our inner lives balanced and sane. We require, first, the means of gaining and holding a right attitude; secondly, right spiritual food - real, nourishing food with a bite in it, not desiccated and predigested piety. "I am the food of the full grown," said the voice of God to St. Augustine: "Grow and feed on Me." Thirdly, we need an education which shall help growth; training our spiritual powers to an ever greater expansion and efficiency. Fourthly, we have or ought to have some definite spiritual work, and must see that we fit ourselves to do it.

Now each of these four needs is met by a different type of prayer. The right attitude of the soul to God is secured and supported by the prayer of pure adoration. The necessary food for growth is obtained through our spiritual reading and meditation, as well as by more direct forms of communion. Such meditation will also form an important stage in the education of the spiritual faculties; which are further trained in some degree by the use of such formal, effective, or recollective prayer as each one of us is able to employ. Finally, the work which can be done by the praying soul covers the whole field of intercession and redemptive self-oblation. (The House of the Soul and Concerning the Inner Life by Evelyn Underhill)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

Leoma Gilley works for Wycliffe Bible Translators and is responsible for developing university-level, accredited training in linguistics, literacy, Bible translation, Scripture use, anthropology and language assessment (survey) to people across Africa. Pray today for God to give Leoma clear direction about His next steps for her work.

Worldwide Development Association has a mission to serve the church worldwide by developing Christ-like character in people and equipping them to disciple others according to the pattern Jesus used to train his disciples. Cedar Springs and Global Mission Group members Carroll and Shirley Coakley are part of this organization's international staff and serve on short-term mission teams to Myanmar. Pray today for the work of this ministry in Myanmar.

Closing Prayer: Lord, I am yours; I do yield myself up entirely to you, and I believe that you do take me. I leave myself with you. Work in me all the good pleasure of your will, and I will only lie still in your hands and trust you. Amen. (The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life by Hannah Whitall Smith)