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Mission Devotional - November 20, 2015

Opening Prayer: I beg of You, my Lord, to remove anything which separates me from You, and You from me. Remove anything that makes me unworthy of Your sight, Your control, Your reprehension; of Your speech and conversation, of Your benevolence and love. Cast from me every evil that stands in the way of my seeing You, hearing, tasting, savoring, and touching You; fearing and being mindful of You; knowing, trusting, loving, and possessing You; being conscious of Your presence and, as far as may be, enjoying You. This is what I ask for myself and earnestly desire from You. - Peter Faber

Scripture: Matthew 5:8

Journal: What does it mean to be pure in heart? Why do you think the pure in heart will see God? What is it about purity of heart that allows someone to see God? Could it be because when we are pure in heart there is nothing to hinder our vision of him?

Reflection: The Beatitudes are foundational attitudes of the spiritual life and they give form to it as a whole. They are responses to the human aspiration to experience the blessed life, or what St. Catherine of Genoa calls the "instinct for beatitude." They are invitations from a personal God to each of us as persons, calling us to the destiny of peace and joy. These eight attitudes involve all that we have been, all that we are, all that we shall become. They communicate a living expression of the divine direction of each human life.

The Beatitudes preserve the wisdom of the formation tradition, a wisdom we can rely upon in the ebb and flow of changing times. They provide a solid foundation on which to build our life of faith. When we live the Beatitudes in and with the Lord, we become liberated persons in the fullest sense. We follow the path of purgation until, with Jesus, we are filled with the peace of surrender to the Father and led by his Spirit to new depths of intimacy with the Indwelling Trinity. These ways of going to God offer us a truly holistic pattern of formation that involves our entire existence from birth to death and beyond. (Blessings That Make Us Be by Susan Annette Muto)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

Sybil Baloyi lives in Mozambique and runs a preschool for orphaned and vulnerable children. Pray today for the vision that Sybil and her team have to add one new grade every year to the Hlauleka Christian Primary School through grade seven.

Habitat for Humanity builds and sells single-family homes to qualified low and very-low income families by developing partnerships with businesses, organizations, churches, foundations and individuals who help build the homes. Pray today for this organization as they prepare for homes to be built in 2016.

Closing Prayer: O Lord my God, give me a pure heart; purge me of everything that would stand in the way of my ability to see you and to know you. Amen.