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Mission Devotional - November 22, 2015

Opening Prayer: Write your blessed name, O Lord, upon my heart, there to remain so engraven that no prosperity, no adversity, shall ever move me from Your love. Amen. (Little Book of Prayers by Thomas A Kempis)

Scripture: Luke 10:57-62

Journal: What does it mean to be fully committed to Jesus? What was the issue with each of the three would be followers? How can you relate to each of them? What is God saying to you through them?

Reflection: A man says to Jesus, "I will follow you wherever you go." Jesus tells him that they won't be staying in the best hotels. Apparently that had never occurred to the man. We never hear from him again. Jesus then says to a second man, "Follow me." This man agrees but insists on conditions. He has something important that he has to do first. Jesus dismisses him. Following Jesus isn't something we put off until we have first done what we want to do. Then a third man steps up and says that he is ready to follow Jesus - but not quite yet. Jesus says, in effect, "Never mind. It's now or never." It turns out that the man is not ready after all.

Jesus has barely begun his journey through Samaria to Jerusalem before he has picked up three followers. But they haven't gone a dozen paces before each of them has dropped out.

We get the message: following Jesus doesn't take place on our terms. We follow Jesus on his terms. (Tell It Slant by Eugene Peterson)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

R. and G. are serving at a sanitorium for chest diseases and a children's home, focusing on bringing holistic healthcare to the semi-nomadic people of an area in the Middle East. R. is a dentist and G. is a teacher and artist. Pray today for God's movement among R. & G. and their patients as they love them and share the gospel with them.

Hope Resource Center is a multi-faceted Christian ministry addressing such matters as sexual purity and health, unplanned pregnancy, post-abortion stress and abstinence education. Pray today for Director Andrew Wood, the staff and volunteers.

Closing Prayer: My God, I wish to give myself to thee. Give me the courage to do so. - Francois Fenelon