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Mission Devotional - November 30, 2015

Opening Prayer: Loving God, I sense that all is your creation and everything, and all of us, are being drawn back toward your loving heart. Help me to be a person of peace, to speak about it in an uneasy world, and to live it among the people you have put into my life every day. Light in me a desire to prepare for your coming to stand in the darkness, waiting, eager and filled with joy. Amen. (Creighton University Online Ministries)

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13

Journal: How have you recognized God recently in community? What words from today's Scripture make something come alive in you? How does God want to use the community of faith to show his presence in the world? How does yours?

Reflection: God is always present to us. The greatest thing we can do in life is to teach ourselves to be always present to God. The small, routine tasks that fill every day spent in the care of others may seem to be a barrier to this, but they need not. They may in fact be turned into one of the finest of spiritual disciplines, a special sacrament of the routine through which what to others appears the most ordinary and mundane of tasks is revealed to be a sacred act, an act of prayer. Prayer is nothing more or less than this, being present to God. And so this is a spirituality that makes all of life into prayer, a prayer of love, a prayer of help for others, a prayer of courage. It is a prayer that spans a lifetime, a prayer of great beauty. (A Way in the World by Ernest Boyer, Jr.)

Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

Mark and Annemarie Dye are passionate about building Christian leaders to mobilize and equip the African Church for mission in the world. Pray today for the Dyes while they are in the U.S. for a 5-month home ministry stay.

Knoxville Christian Arts Ministries (KnoxCAM) is an outreach ministry directed by Dr. Jill Lagerberg. It uses the talents of singers, instrumentalists, dancers and handbell ringers. They minister primarily to prisons and the inner city. They perform up to 10 concerts each year, telling stories of God's unfailing mercy and providence through fully integrated music dramas. Pray today for Jill's family as her husband Gregg battles cancer.

Closing Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us to recognize you today in those around us. Help us to see you and hear you through them, through their stories, and even through their needs. Help us not to miss you, and the way you are trying to be present to each of us. Amen.