November 12 Devotional

Come to Stillness: Take a few minutes to allow your mind and heart to be still before God.

Opening Prayer: Gracious and loving God, you know the deep inner patterns of my life that keep me from being totally yours. You know the misformed structures of my being that hold me in bondage to something less than your high purpose for my life. You also know my reluctance to let you have your way with me in these areas. Hear the deeper cry of my heart for wholeness and by your grace enable me to be open to your transforming presence. Lord, have mercy. (Invitation to a Journey by M. Robert Mulholland Jr.)

Scripture Reading for the Day: Psalm 23:1-6

Reading for Reflection: The Christian journey is a journey in wholeness. It is what we might call an adventure in spiritual growth. To talk about spiritual growth, however, is to talk about all of life. Spiritual growth involves not only the way we “pray” but the way we “play.” It is concerned with harmony, the balanced use of life energy in a way that the whole person is nourished by the Spirit of God. Harmony emerges when our work, maintenance, play, and free sense are held together in realistic balance. (Mutual Ministry by James C. Fenhagen)

Reflection and Listening: silent and written


Hymn for the Day

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself

Mostafa and Mona Sharkawy’s main area of work is the U.K., serving among Arab Muslims. Their goals are to see Arabic churches arise from Muslim background believers, to see new generations of leaders from Muslim believers, and to teach and prepare them for future ministry. Pray today for their work inside the Immigration Removal Centre and that more people will come and join the weekly meetings.

The Knoxville Leadership Foundation or KLF focuses on five important components of community life to ensure overall health within the city: family, youth, housing, racial reconciliation, and economic development. Chris Martin is the founder and president. Pray today for all of KLF’s ministries, their staff and their volunteers.

Closing Prayer: O Shepherd of my soul, when I dwell in your house, lie down in your pastures, and sit beside your quiet waters something happens deep within me - my soul is restored. When I eat at your table and have my head anointed with your oil, my cup overflows - and I am made whole. Thank you. Amen.