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  • How can I get a tour of your school?

Until further notice, we regret that tours are not being offered due to COVID-19 protocol that only staff and students are allowed in the school.

  • What is the school's response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency?

Cedar Springs Weekday School closed March 13 - August 7, 2020 due to the corona virus. Upon reopening, policies and procedures put in place reflect the guidance of our licensing agency and local, state, and national experts to ensure best practices toward the safety of our students, families, and staff and to reduce the risk of virus spread.

These procedures can be viewed by clicking the Addendum to the 2020-21 Staff and Parent Handbooks.  Please be aware that any policies in this addendum contrary to, or otherwise different from, those in the 2020-21 handbooks override the conflicting policy in the handbook until further notice, including the information listed below.

  • What is your Illness Policy?

If your child displays a temperature of 100 degrees or more (or has in the past 24 hours), currently has an earache, sore throat, upset stomach, diarrhea, unexplained rash, persistent cough, crusty, matted or oozing eyes (pink eye), or a communicable disease such as chicken pox, staph infection, strep, or impetigo DO NOT BRING THEM TO SCHOOL.  Additionally, children must be fever free for 24 hours, WITHOUT medication, before they may return to school.

If your child develops sickness while at school, with or without fever, he/she will be isolated from other children in the office until you or someone on your emergency list can pick up. After receiving the call to pick up, come as quickly as possible. Please leave a number with your child's teacher where you can be reached during the day, if different from your regular emergency numbers, when you sign in each morning. 

  • What is your school's closing policy? 

If Knox County delays or cancels due to weather, illness, or national security we will also be delayed or closed accordingly. After the first week of consecutively missed days, your child’s scheduled days will be made up days from that time forth as Knox County reschedules them. If they dismiss after school begins that day, we will dismiss as soon as you can get here to pick up your child. Our buses will not run for afterschool care if school closes early due to weather. 

  • Do you offer any scholarships or discounts?

Scholarship forms are accepted year-round for review by our school board.  Application packets are available in the Weekday School office. Please see the scholarship application for specifics on income and eligibility requirements.

Staff enrollment discounts are offered for our full time and part time employees. These discounts are based on the number of hours per week worked by the staff member. Please see a supervisor for additional information on a staff discount and if you qualify.

The Weekday School Board, in an effort to keep tuition costs as low as possible while offering a quality educational experience, has decided the school is unable to offer sibling discounts to families with multiple children enrolled. 

  • What is the school's withdrawal policy?

If you need to withdraw your child(ren) for any reason, you must turn in a written notice to the Weekday School Office at least 2 weeks prior to the last day.

  • What do you believe as a school?

We believe each child is a unique creation of God. We know that children learn through hands-on experiences. We believe parents are the primary teachers of their children and that our role is to support parents in this training and nurturing in a quality, developmentally appropriate atmosphere of fun learning.

  • What sets you apart from other schools?

Cedar Springs Weekday School offers a unique, developmentally appropriate, biblically-based curriculum taught by a wonderful and dedicated Christian staff. We offer field trips for school-aged children and serve nutritional breakfasts and snacks for full-time students. We have large indoor and outdoor play areas. We are proud to be locally and state licensed by the Tennessee Department of Education. To keep our children and staff as secure as possible, we require a photo ID or security badge scan to enter our buildings. 

Privacy Statement
Your privacy is important to us. We only collect the minimal information necessary for billing purposes and interaction with you. We do not share your personal information with third parties.