Mission Devotional - October 11, 2016

Opening Prayer: Teach me to seek you, for I cannot seek you unless you teach me, or find you unless you show yourself to me. Let me seek you in my desire, and desire you in my seeking. Let me find you by loving you, let me love you when I find you. - St. Anselm

Scripture: Matthew 13:44

Journal: What hidden treasure have you found lately? How hard have you been looking? Where? What does it look like to search for the hidden treasure of God's kingdom in our lives and hearts?

Reflection: It would have to be hidden wouldn't it? After all, it would be far too easy if it were just laying out in plain sight. Then where would the searching be? And there is something very good and beautiful that happens in the searching.

There is treasure this very day that is waiting to be found. And when found, it will capture our hearts and souls. The only question is: Will I search for it? Or will I get swept up into the busyness and chaos of the day and lose track of the fact that there is treasure buried in the field?

And the field, and thus the treasure, is not as far off as we would imagine. In fact, it is right under our noses. For one of the main places the treasure is hidden is within the field of our own hearts and souls. All we have to do is look within, to the place where the Spirit of God resides, and we will find it. But the question is, will we?

Prayer for the church, for others, for myself

We support a family that is serving at a sanatorium for chest diseases, focusing on bringing holistic healing for body and soul to the semi-nomadic people of the area by providing high quality healthcare for them. Our supported worker serves in the Mobile Dental Clinic that was donated to the Annoor Sanatorium to further the outreach and care to Bedouin in remote areas. This clinic is housed in a 25-foot straight truck with two dental operatories, each with x-ray capability, a compressor and vacuum suction. The clinic is a great resource to meet the felt needs of the poor in places where it is hard or impossible to receive any kind of dental care. Pray today for the safety of these workers.

Logan and Melissa Keck are planting Christ the King, JP/Roxbury in Boston. Pray that they will continue to see growth in the church. The Kecks also ask that you pray for spiritual growth and leadership development for the many new believers and spiritually young believers in their congregation.

Closing Prayer: Lord Jesus, you are indeed the treasure hidden in a field. Help me to seek and search and dig and hunt until I finally find you today. And when I do, capture my heart and soul completely with your beauty and majesty in a way that totally reorders my affections and priorities, as well as my entire life. Amen.