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Lesson July 5, 2020: Review Lessons 1-5

Welcome to Kingdom Kids!
We hope you have a fun 4th of July weekend!
To find a 4th of July themed Spotify playlist-click here.

For more ideas and resources to use during the week check out the “CSPC Children’s Ministry” page on Facebook.

This week we will review the past 5 lessons with videos that tell the Bible Stories, Memory Verse Video, Coloring Page, and Review Game. Have fun with these resources this week!

Kingdom Kids Spotify playlist-click here.
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Click image to print the coloring page.

Review Lessons 1-5 Coloring Page C2020 Summer YR 1 L 6a

 Review Game Directions C2020 R2 Summer YR 1 L 6a

Click image to print review game board.

Bible Review Game C2020 YR 1 L 6a

Click image to print review questions.

Review Game Questions PG 1 C2020 Summer YR 1 L 6a