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Teacher Lesson Info for October 4, 2020: God Saves His People

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I put together a "Spotify" playlist of the songs for the Fall quarter.
Spotify playlist-click here.

Songs for October 4th, Lesson 5: God Is So Good, Love the Lord

 We will work on Nahum 1:7 one last week! (It was our September Verse)
Fall Monthly Memory Verse-September w Motions for room Nah 1.7

Make sure to cover "Bible Time" on page 44 & 45. You can use the questions in the "Let's Talk" section below to make sure they understand the lesson. This lesson is a hard one for young children. I have edited it to make it more appropriate without loosing the main points. Click on the image to see the whole lesson. Let me know if you have questions!

Book Lesson Bible Time C2020 Fall YR 2 L 5 God Saves His People

THC NEW at Home Single Page C2020 Fall YR 2 L 5-God Saves His People

Craft & Activity PG 1 C2020 Fall YR 2 L 5 God Saves His People

"Let's Play" modification: We will not use real or play food for this.
Have the children act it out using their imagination.
You will have a paper plate to pretend there is food on it!

Craft & Activity PG 2 C2020 Fall YR 2 L 5 God Saves His People