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Kindergarten through 5th Grade Parents,

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3 and 4 Year Old Parents,
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Additional Resources

"Parents today often gravitate toward a behavior modification approach to parenting. But relying on rewards and punishment to get things done seldom changes the heart...We're not saying that behavior modification is wrong. It's just incomplete. God gave each person a heart and if you use a heart-based approach with kids then you have a whole new bucket of parenting resources."
Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller offer many practical resources to help parents understand how to implement a heart-based approach to parenting.  More

"Dr. Tim Kimmel loves when churches and families are healthy and strong. He loves it even more when they work as a team. He believes the best way to pass on saving faith and a transformed life is within the nurturing confines of a loving home. To help others achieve this, he has developed resources, conferences, and media tools to equip and encourage parents, grandparents, churches, and couples." More