Why Global Mission?


Cedar Springs is dedicated to furthering God's Kingdom around the world. Jesus' last words on earth challenged us to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). For more than two centuries, God has graciously enabled our church to be outward focused. Mission reached a new level of concentration in 1974 when we held our first annual global mission conference, sending our first family of four to the mission field just a few years later.

Today, we support approximately 70 organizations and ministries, both local and international, as well as around the same number of missionary couples or singles in over 30 different countries. In addition, we've adopted people groups that we support prayerfully and financially. Plus, we're continually planting churches from Knoxville to strategic cities all around the world.

We use the following values when deciding which ministries and missionaries we support:

  • The key mandate we have been given is to make disciples. As one observes the work of the early disciples and missionaries, we see a pattern of new disciples coming together to form churches. We model our mission efforts along this pattern of disciple-making, and then gathering those disciples into churches.
  • We pay attention to geography in two ways. 1) We look at where there is little or no Biblical church presence in a region, or among a specific group of people. We also consider where there are unreached people groups 2) We focus on geographical locations that allow us the opportunity to go deeper rather than wider. This affords us the ability to get in-depth knowledge of a region, resulting in wiser decisions.
  • We also prayerfully and strategically focus on key gatekeeper cities around the world. The high density of people and strategic influence of cities in a nation or region make cities one important component of bringing the gospel to a nation. Where possible, we partner with national leaders, organizations and churches in our select geographical areas.

If you'd like more information about Global Mission at Cedar Springs, continue to peruse our site and/or email us.