Women's Ministries


Please join us for a lively discussion and inspiring evening as we take a deeper look into the rich spiritual journeys of some of our older and wiser sisters as we "mine for gold" from their experiences of following Christ in our ever-changing world. Come for a time of encouragement and insight, where we share our hearts and lives, our joys and broken places, and our stories of God's redemptive love. This event (sponsored by Women on Mission) will be Tuesday, August 21, in the High School Room of the Watershed from 7-9 p.m. No reservation is necessary. For more information, contact Mary Ellen Tarrants at 865-776-2716 or maryellen44@tds.net. This evening is sponsored by our WOM (Women on Mission) organization.

Welcome, woman, I am so glad you are here. Who are we? We are real women: messy, old, young, fatigued, frustrated, engaged, depressed, cool, awkward, lonely, satisfied, happy, miserable, weak, and warrior-like. We are whole, and we are not. We are silly, and we are serious. We are wounded, and we are healers. We love to laugh, we often cry. We try to stay close to God, and fail and succeed! In other words, welcome. I bet you are just like us, in your own unique way. I hope you will find a place of friendship and spiritual challenge here.

Women's Ministries (WM) endeavors to love you well by offering you opportunities to grow in your love for God, to expand in your love for each other, and to serve this wild world. There are many ways to do that in this church: we are a church in which women are encouraged to worship, study, lead, and serve. I recommend that you get into a Bible study of some kind. Find some friends with whom you can do life. Come to Sunday service and run passionately after the God who loves you so deeply.

Please join with us as we pursue God! If we can be of service, let us know.

Suzanne Stelling, 865-291-5279
Rebekah Peterson, 865-291-5286
Jane Morrow, 865-291-5214