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July 19, 2020


We'll cover the middle part of Acts 4 this week. The thrust of the text is that the early believers were burdened to pray for boldness from the Lord in order to carry the gospel message forth to a hostile world. 

Prelude – "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

This is an update to the older hymn by our friends at Sovereign Grace Music. They include some new verses as well as a new chorus that will serve well to turn our eyes off of ourselves as we enter worship and onto Christ. "Jesus, to you we lift our eyes. Jesus, our glory and our prize. We behold you, adore you, our Savior ever true. O Jesus, we turn our eyes to you."

"Praise to the Lord the Almighty"

We'll open the congregational singing by exhorting each other in the worship of the Lord. What boldness we may possess in knowing that the Lord is our all in all. "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation. O my soul praise him for he is thy health and salvation! All ye who hear, now to his temple draw near, join me in glad adoration."

"Great Are You Lord"

Indeed, he is the King of all creation. Nothing exists that he has not made and nothing remains alive that he does not sustain. Every breath we take is a work of grace. So may we be bold in our daily living knowing that, "it's your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise to you only!"

"He Who Is Mighty"

The bridge of this song is the perfect way to wrap up the singing and prepare us for the Word. Consider the breadth of truth contained in it as we prepare for the Word. No matter our circumstance, when we have been given God himself, we may meet whatever comes with praise to the Lord. "Now my soul magnifies the Lord; I rejoice in the God who saves, I will trust his unfailing love, I will sing his praises all my days.

Response – "The Power of the Cross"

We'll observe the Lord's Supper together this week. This is a fitting response to that work that we remember in the Supper. It also sends us into the world with the gospel on our lips and with boldness in knowing that we are one with Christ and he goes before us all our days. "O to see my name, written in the wounds. For through your suffering I am free. Death is crushed to death, life is mine to live, bought with your precious blood. This, the power of the cross. Son of God, slain for us. What a love, what a cost, we stand forgiven at the cross."