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July 12, 2020

No Other Name

This week, we'll continue our study of Acts with a look at Acts 4:1-22 when Peter and John come before the council. When questioned, they gave a brief and powerful apologetic of the Christian faith. The synopsis is: Jesus was delivered over to death, raised by the Father, and there is salvation in no one else. Our songs this week have this same function; to instruct in the basic tenets of our faith and to tell the gospel story.

"We Believe"

This is basically the Apostles' Creed set to music and is so useful for us to affirm. "We believe in one true God Father, Spirit, Son; One Church, one faith, one Lord of all his Kingdom come."

"'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus"

This hymn goes to the heart of the Christian who finds themselves in a season of trial. Whenever we stand under conviction from within or from without, may we be able to sing with confidence: "I'm so glad I learned to trust thee, precious Jesus, Savior, Friend; and I know that thou art with me, will be with me to the end!"

"No Other Name"

We'll conclude the set with the words taken straight from our text for the morning. That there is salvation in only one name, Jesus Christ. "Lift up our eyes see the King has come. Light of the world reaching out for us. There is no other name, there is no other name. Jesus Christ, our God. Seated on high, the undefeated One. Mountains bow down as we lift him up. There is no other name, there is no other name. Jesus Christ, our God."

Response – "Man of Sorrows"

We'll be sent back into the world with a song all about the gospel. The bridge is a great reminder as we leave here: "Now my debt is paid, it is paid in full, by the precious blood that my Jesus spilled. Now the curse of sin has no hold of me, whom the Son sets free is free indeed!"