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October 6, 2019


This week's liturgical theme is "peace." We'll sing about the basis of our confidence and why we can know peace on this side of eternity. In short, Christ has been given all authority in heaven and on earth, he works out our eternal good by his own decree, and our future in him is certain! (Matt. 28:18; Rom. 8:28; 1 Peter 1:3-4)

Prelude – "Is He Worthy"

We'll begin the service by singing words mostly from the book of Revelation as we look to Christ on the throne. He is our confidence for the life we now live because he reigns. Knowing the truth that he has all authority on heaven and on earth should bring us peace to live boldly indeed!

"Only A Holy God"

The sovereignty of our God is on full display in the first verse. This continues to build our confidence and peace in knowing that our God is in complete control over all things whether it be us, earthly kings, creation at large, or even the hosts of heaven: "Who else commands all the hosts of heaven? Who else could make every king bow down? Who else can whisper and darkness trembles? Only a Holy God.

"Be Unto Your Name"

We'll continue the imagery from Revelation by singing the chorus, "Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, worthy is the Lamb who was slain; highest praises, honor and glory be unto your name." (Rev. 4:8; 5:12) We'll also get to sing of the reality we find ourselves in now and realize that we can have peace in knowing how different God is than us: "We are a moment, you are forever, Lord of the ages, God before time; we are a vapor, you are eternal, love everlasting, reigning on high."

"It Is Well With My Soul"

Finally, we'll end the corporate singing with the affirmation that "whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, it is well with my soul!" May we sing this in confidence knowing that Christ is on the throne, he has all authority, he holds us and loves us, and he will come again.

Response – Doxology

We'll respond following the preaching of God's Word with an a cappella doxology as we lift our voices together in thankful praise for things the Lord has shown to us this morning.