Women's Ministries

 A Day Away

Are your summer days flying by? Did you have great plans to step away from the hustle this summer and spend some quality (and quantity) time with the Lord? We have just the day for you! 

Join us on Tuesday, July 24th for A Day Away at the Overholts' (Suzanne's parents) beautiful house at 5800 Lyons View Pike. 

We will spend the day with Jesus and one another. You will enjoy times of guided silence, reflection, and prayer, along with valuable conversation. 

So grab your Bible and journal, put on some comfortable clothes, pack a yummy lunch and join us for A Day Away! 

Please register here so we will know what number to prepare for. There is no cost to participate. 

Questions, contact Rebekah Peterson (rebekahpeterson@cspc.net).

Welcome, woman, I am so glad you are here. Who are we? We are real women: messy, old, young, fatigued, frustrated, engaged, depressed, cool, awkward, lonely, satisfied, happy, miserable, weak, and warrior-like. We are whole, and we are not. We are silly, and we are serious. We are wounded, and we are healers. We love to laugh, we often cry. We try to stay close to God, and fail and succeed! In other words, welcome. I bet you are just like us, in your own unique way. I hope you will find a place of friendship and spiritual challenge here.

Women's Ministries (WM) endeavors to love you well by offering you opportunities to grow in your love for God, to expand in your love for each other, and to serve this wild world. There are many ways to do that in this church: we are a church in which women are encouraged to worship, study, lead, and serve. I recommend that you get into a Bible study of some kind. Find some friends with whom you can do life. Come to Sunday service and run passionately after the God who loves you so deeply.

Please join with us as we pursue God! If we can be of service, let us know.

Suzanne Stelling, 865-291-5279
Rebekah Peterson, 865-291-5286
Jane Morrow, 865-291-5214